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VIP Tourism. Personalized tours.

The advantages of doing #TURISM in private group with personalized itineraries and private chauffeur.

  • Flexible planning: By traveling in a private group with customized tours, you are able to choose the places you wish to visit and tailor the itinerary to your interests and preferences. The tours are created exclusively for the group.

They are adjusted to the preferences, pace and interests of the group. They can also be adapted along the way.

  • Safe and comfortable transportation : With a chauffeur and an accompanying person, you won't have to worry about driving or getting lost along the way. Also, you will really ENJOY the landscapes without distractions.

Transportation is exclusively for you and your group.

  • Expertise : A chauffeur and/or a local accompanying person will know places and corners that a tour guide would not know. They will tell you interesting stories about the place, the people, the local life, etc.

They will show you the AUTHENTIC side of the place and not the standard, mass tourism, that anyone could get to know on their own.

  • Freedom : You are free to choose if you want to be accompanied during the day or if you want to do the visits on your own.

They can tell you what to visit in each place.

The advantage, if you do not speak french, is that they can be with you and be your personal translators.

For example, us in VAR ACTIVE we speak French, English and Spanish.

It is great to do tourism in your own language, isn't it?

  • Security : With your private group, you will be surrounded by people you know, allowing you to relax and enjoy your stay more comfortably. It will be like a family excursion, or like an outing with co-workers or friends, with the advantage of having someone to drive you around and make your day more enjoyable without having to worry about anything.

  • More affordable : The best option for your stay. You won't waste a second looking for the route, parking, tolls, etc.

The transportation company takes care of everything.

They can also suggest you where to eat and where to stay, depending on your preferences and needs.

You will save time and money.

  • Available all year round : By booking a customized tour with your group, you can plan your trip at any season of the year, not depending on the tourist season. The transportation company will also advise you about what to do and where to go in all the seasons of the year.


"We have elaborated this text in relation to what we,


have as our human-professional philosophy.

We guarantee our clients a personalized service and good humor. Sharing our knowledge and authenticity with our clients is essential.

The experience they have with us is a souvenir they will keep for the rest of their lives.

We invite you to live your own experience!

Contact us and let's start creating together your best memories.


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