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Our story ...

"We want to share with you our passion for our region!

We are Gaëtan and Martha a Franco-Salvadorian couple living in Draguignan in the heart of La Dracénie, department of Var in Provence, in the southeast of France.

We met in Barcelona and after living and working 7 years in Catalonia (Gaëtan in the boats and me in architecture) we decided in 2007 to move to Gaëtan's native land.

Originally from the city of Draguignan, Gaëtan has explored the streets of Provence with his parents since he was a child ... Those eyes have never get tired to admire the villages, the hidden streams, the lost paths. His parents have transmitted to him that fever for travelling and the love for his homeland... which he has also passed on to me.

It's easy to fall in love with the beauties and the treasures that exist here!

At the end of 2014 Gaëtan makes a spin in his life. Now he will be able to show his region to more people in a professional way.



Today, with almost 10 years of experience in the sector, VAR ACTIVE continues to roll the streets of the south of France creating a unique experience for the visitor or the local, discovering or rediscovering the wonders that Provence has to offer thanks to our tours "à la carte".

We are ready to bring you the best of us and to guarantee that your experience with

Our priority is YOU.


Contact us today and let's start to create your beautiful memories!"



Professional, flexible, dynamic and good humour …

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Gaetan Zignone

VAR ACTIVE Manager/Driver

"I'm from France. I studied nautical mechanics. I love nature, mountain climbing and all outdoor sports. I am passionate about theatre and music. My slogan : "When you really want something ... it's possible!

I was born in Draguignan, in La Dracénie. I have always explored the roads of Provence ... With an adventurous soul, I like to look for those places that are still in the wild, to discover new horizons, new cultures and to meet new people.

After having explored the corners of the French hexagon, having made several trips, having enriched myself with beautiful experiences and magical encounters throughout Europe and Central America ... I have returned to my homeland, always proud and aware of its beauty, its natural, cultural, historical, artistic and architectural richness.

Because of this, my decision to be able to share professionally my luck to live in this WONDERFUL region has grown."

Martha perso2.jpg

Martha Barrachina

Communication and image / social media of VAR ACTIVE

"I am Salvadoran by birth and Spanish by nationality ... my grandfather was from Catalonia.

Architect by profession. Artist, jewellery and mural designer. I like to work with music and I take my sketch notebook with me everywhere. My slogan: "Viva la vida!"

"I studied architecture in El Salvador and a master's degree in Industrial Design in Barcelona.

I have always worked in the area of architecture and design, until I arrived in France my life turned completely (because I didn't know the language). Here I began to develop my other great passion: painting and illustration.

Between canvas paintings and exhibitions I am also dedicated to create the image of VAR ACTIVE. Being in contact with people on social networks, interacting and sharing the wonders of this beautiful region of VAR in the south of France, which has adopted me with open arms"


"Our priority : that you live an UNFORGETTABLE experience !"

Gaetan & Martha

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